What is TraCC?

TraCCing Climate Change


TraCC is a database that explores the meaning of climate change by following its translations in world languages and cultures. Only by knowing the local meanings of climate change will we be able to understand, how people act and do not act upon it.


The first aim of TraCC is to document its various meanings. Its second aim is to study possible variations and to explore how they link to climate change mitigation and adaptation. For so doing, TraCC brings together the expertise of lay people and scientists to develop a decentralized and interactive ethnographic account.


TraCC encourages the expertise of lay people and scientists in developing decentralized and interactive ethnographic accounts. To become a member of TraCC enter and explain the translation of climate change in “your” language. As the database develops, TraCC becomes a public showcase for an innovative and interactive way to collect knowledge about one of the world’s most salient global challenges – climate change.


Why contribute?


You support a collaborative research effort and contribute to better understanding of a significant problem in the world.


You become a visible expert for a specific culture and/or language including the opportunity to link additional information about you and your interests in climate change.


You get access to the data collected and have the right to use it for academic and non-profit purposes.


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