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Category of meaning Local Term Language Country / Countries Geographical region Authorship offered
weather mabadiloko ya hali ya hewa Swahili Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Democratic Republic of the Kongo Eastern Africa no
weather Lichincheho za Mihaa Lozi Zambia Southern Africa yes
weather klimaatsverandering Afrikaans South Africa, Namibia Southern Africa no
weather mudar os tempos e as estações Portuguese Brazil South America no
weather pagbabago ng klima Tagalog, Filipino Philippines South-Eastern Asia no
weather বিশ্ব উষ্ণায়ন Bengali India, Bangladesh Southern Asia no
weather जलवायु परिवर्तन Hindi Southern Asia no
weather alterações climáticas Portuguese Portugal Southern Europe no
weather Wagati yɛlɛma Bambara Mali Western Africa no