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Claimable local terms Sort descending Language Country / Countries Region Claim authorship
athrú aeráide Irish Ireland Northern Europe yes
Bumi sudah tua. Indonesian Indonesia South-Eastern Asia yes
cambiamento climatico Italian Italy Southern Europe yes
cambio climático Spanish Spain Western Europe yes
cambio climático Galician Spain Western Europe yes
cambio climático Spanish Argentina, Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Uruguay, Venezuela South America yes
cambio climático Spanish Costa Rica, El Salvator, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Mexico Central America yes
canjin yanayi Hausa Niger, Nigeria Western Africa yes
canvi climàtic Catalan Spain, France, Andorra Southern Europe yes
changement climatique French France Western Europe yes
chanjman nan klima Haitian Creole Haiti Caribbean yes
climate change English United States of America, Canada Northern America yes
fiovan'ny toe-trandro Malagasy Madagascar Eastern Africa yes
ho fetoha ha tlelaemete Sesotho Lesotho, South Africa Southern Africa yes
iklim değişikliği Turkish Turkey Western Asia yes
ilmastonmuutos Finnish Finnland Northern Europe yes
iqlim dəyişikliyi Azerbaijani Azerbaijan Western Asia yes
iqlim o'zgarishi Uzbek Uzbekistan Central Asia yes
isbedelka cimilada Somali Somalia, Djibouti Eastern Africa yes
iyipada afefe Yoruba Nigeria Western Africa yes
kev nyab xeeb kev hloov Hmong Vietnam, Laos, Thailand South-Eastern Asia yes
kev nyab xeeb kev hloov Hmong China Eastern Asia yes
kliimamuutus Estonian Estonia Northern Europe yes
klima forandring Danish Denmark Northern Europe yes
klima-aldaketa Basque Spain, France Southern Europe yes
klimaatverandering Dutch Netherlands, Belgium Western Europe yes
Klimaendring Norwegian Norway Northern Europe yes
klimata izmaiņas Latvian Latvia Northern Europe yes
Klimatförändringar Swedish Sweden Northern Europe yes
klimatická změna Czech Czech Republic Eastern Europe yes
klimato kaita Lithuanian Lithuania Northern Europe yes
klimatska promjena Bosnian Bosnia and Herzegovina Southern Europe yes
klimatske promjene Croatian Croatia Southern Europe yes
klímaváltozás Hungarian Hungary Eastern Europe yes
Klimaveränderung German Germany Western Europe yes
Klimawandel German Germany Western Europe yes
kusintha kwa nyengo Chichewa Malawi, Zimbabwe Southern Africa yes
kwesimo sezulu Zulu South Africa Southern Africa yes
Lichincheho za Mihaa Lozi Zambia Southern Africa yes
loftslagsbreytingar Icelandic Iceland Northern Europe yes
mgbanwe ihu igwe Igbo Nigeria Western Africa yes
mudança climática Portuguese Portugal Western Europe yes
ndryshimi i klimës Albanian Albania Southern Europe yes
newid yn yr hinsawdd Welsh Wales Northern Europe yes
oktak in mejatoto Marshallese Marshall Islands Micronesia yes
owah-owahan iklim Javanese Indonesia South-Eastern Asia yes
panoni āhuarangi Maori New Zealand Australia and New Zealand yes
perubahan iklim Indonesian Indonesia South-Eastern Asia yes
perubahan iklim Malay Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei South-Eastern Asia yes
schimbarea climei Romanian Romania Southern Europe yes