How TraCC works

How TraCC works


As a member of TraCC, you will become a visible expert for a specific culture and/or language including the opportunity to link additional information about you and your interests in climate change.


In a first step, you enter or edit the translation of climate change in “your” language. You note the language at issue, the geographical region where the translation you document occurs, and the various countries in which the term is used. You can then provide the literal meaning of the term. In a second step, TraCC will ask you to identify the most significant element in the meaning of the local term: climate, weather, change, strangeness, etc.


Before getting started, we recommend you browse through the database and make yourself comfortable with its design and structure. You can use the main navigation menu for doing so:


menu snap


The three tabs "Region," "Country," and "Language" give an overview of the number of local terms that have been entered for each category.


"Local Term" presents a complete overview of all terms currently available in TraCC, including their literal translations and further descriptions.


“Term Category" refers to the semantic meaning of climate change. New users can apply existing classifications to "their" local terms in order to explain its meaning. In addition you can create your own terms that will be available to others as well. TraCC allows all authors to jointly develop those categories by interacting and discussing with each other.


Getting started


If you want to join TraCC, you can register here. After login, you will then be able to add a local term, or claim and edit an existing term.


Add a term or claim a term


If you are missing a local translation of climate change in TraCC you can add a local term. Another possibility for you is to claim an existing term. Many terms have already been entered into TraCC and most of them are still lacking important information, like what is the literal translation or how to categorize the term. If you are familiar with a specific language, just get your authorship on your chosen term by clicking on "yes" on the right side of the table.


claimable local terms


Terms that are not listed here aren't free to claim. However, you can always interact with other authors by commenting their local terms and, for instance, suggest additional information. As for your own terms, you have always the chance to keep or offer your authorship on it and change that any time.


For any further questions or suggestions, please contact us at info [at]