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Continent: Europe
Region Country Language Local Term
Western Europe Germany German Klimawandel
Western Europe Germany German Klimaveränderung
Eastern Europe Poland Polish zmiana klimatu
Southern Europe Albania Albanian ndryshimi i klimës
Southern Europe Spain Basque klima-aldaketa
Western Europe Spain Spanish cambio climático
Southern Europe Spain Catalan canvi climàtic
Western Europe Spain Galician cambio climático
Western Europe France French changement climatique
Southern Europe France Basque klima-aldaketa
Southern Europe France Catalan canvi climàtic
Eastern Europe Belarus Belarusian змена клімату
Southern Europe Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnian klimatska promjena
Eastern Europe Bulgaria Bulgarian изменението на климата
Southern Europe Andorra Catalan canvi climàtic
Southern Europe Croatia Croatian klimatske promjene
Eastern Europe Czech Republic Czech klimatická změna
Western Europe Netherlands Dutch klimaatverandering
Northern Europe Denmark Danish klima forandring
Western Europe Belgium Dutch klimaatverandering
Northern Europe Estonia Estonian kliimamuutus
Northern Europe Finnland Finnish ilmastonmuutos
Southern Europe Greece Greek κλιματική αλλαγή
Eastern Europe Hungary Hungarian klímaváltozás
Northern Europe Iceland Icelandic loftslagsbreytingar
Northern Europe Ireland Irish athrú aeráide
Southern Europe Italy Italian cambiamento climatico
Northern Europe Latvia Latvian klimata izmaiņas
Northern Europe Lithuania Lithuanian klimato kaita
Southern Europe Macedonia Macedonian климатска промена
Southern Europe Malta Maltese tibdil fil-klima
Northern Europe Norway Norwegian Klimaendring
Western Europe Portugal Portuguese mudança climática
Southern Europe Portugal Portuguese alterações climáticas
Southern Europe Romania Romanian schimbarea climei
Eastern Europe Russia Russian изменение климата
Southern Europe Serbia Serbian климатске промене
Eastern Europe Slovakia Slovak zmena podnebia
Southern Europe Slovenia Slovenian sprememba podnebja
Northern Europe Sweden Swedish Klimatförändringar
Eastern Europe Ukraine Ukrainian зміна клімату
Northern Europe Wales Welsh newid yn yr hinsawdd